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Gilda Trillim wins Association of Mormon Letters 2017 Novel Award

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Gilda Trillim was also named as a finalist for a Whitney Award

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Me reading Gilda Trillim at the Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York

My Background:

I am an evolutionary biologist with a PhD in Biomathematics from North Carolina State University, and an MS in Environmental Biostatistics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My BS was in Computer Science/Statistics from BYU. My scientific work is in Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Evolutionary Ecology, Entomology, and in Philosophy of Science (the use of computer simulation in ecological systems). I have also published work in Bioethics in related fields.

How then did I become a writer?

I’ve written all my life. Well, actually since 7th grade when I wrote a long narrative poem about a weasel. It was beautiful and touching. My teacher liked it well enough she had me read it to the class. After the class bully who had made my life a torment came up to me, (and I’m not kidding had tears in his eyes) and said, “Peck. That’s the best thing you’ve ever done.” I knew then the power of writing and have done it sense. You be the judge as to whether I was successful.

P.S. I can’t spell.

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