Evolving Faith

Evolving Faith

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“Peck’s writing and storytelling is entertaining and compelling. His approach of utilizing faith as part of rational pursuits is strong but not alienating. This accessible collection of essays reflects the hand of a bright scientist and a devoted person of faith.” —Jani Radebaugh, Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University

“In this excellent collection of essays, biologist Steven L. Peck has interwoven his unique and thoughtful insights on the complex intersection of science and his personal commitment to faith. As a first-rate scientist who thinks intensely about the meaning and rigor of scientific inquiry, and as an exceptionally gifted writer, he shares with readers the value of science from a powerful perspective in captivating prose.” —Daniel J. Fairbanks, author of Relics of Eden: The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA and co-author of Ending the Mendel-Fisher Controversy.

“In his latest work, biologist Steven Peck’s own famously polymath brain is itself under the microscope, and what a fascinating specimen it is! We see an eclectic collection of approaches scientific, theoretical, theological, and personal combined in an unmistakably loving way, offering a model for how religious believers can flourish in a science-driven world many fear is increasingly hostile to faith.” —Cynthia Bailey Lee, Computer Science lecturer, Stanford University


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