Scholar of Moab

Scholar of Moab

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“Steven Peck has imagined a world ever-so-slightly tweaked from this real one, but—well, why wouldn’t conjoined twins have an independent consciousness, bumblebees be more dependent on faith than wings, and Einstein sing German nursery rhymes? The Scholar of Moab explores the otherworld of nature, imagination, and mind.”
—Brooke Williams, Halflives: Reconciling Work and Wildness

“It’s satire of the best sort: biting what it loves, snuggling up to what it hates.”
—Scott Abbott, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Director of Integrated Studies, Utah Valley University

“Peck moves easily from the lyrical to the grotesque, and sets his multi-voiced tale in the ideal place: Moab, Utah–where red rocks and surprising arches provide the ideal backdrop for anything in or out of the world, including space ships and kidnapped babies.”
—Margaret Blair Young, President: Association for Mormon Letters

“Peck convincingly merges the genre of magical realism with American West fiction by invoking the power of personal testimony—not his own, but by presenting the recorded testimony of his characters in letters, journals, poetry, and interview transcripts. Using these disparate voices, Peck concocts a strange and tragicomic brew of naivety, philosophy, faith, discovery, and loss.”
—Blair Dee Hodges, Standing on the Promises, The Association for Mormon Letters


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