Science the Key to Theology

Science the Key to Theology

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Imagine that the Mormon view of the cosmos is a giant amusement park and Steve Peck is the world’s most excited kid, who runs all over the park, looks in all the mirrors, tries all the rides, and pushes every last button just to see what will happen. Science the Key to Theology is immensely informative. But it is better than that. It is exuberant!
–Michael Austin, author of Useful Fictions and Re-reading Job

There is a sense of wonder and amazement at the universe that permeates Steve’s writing. He is our excited tour guide to the innermost workings of the world, unveiling the behind-the-scenes intersections of religion and science that other guides won’t show us. The book informs us, challenges us, and ultimately reaffirms our faith in a universe where the most wonderful things are possible and real.
–Steve Evans BCC

Charming and thought provoking. Steven Peck builds his theology on the rock of revelation–by looking for revelations in rock–and in the sacred standard works of nature that surround us and invite our reverence and study. All nature lovers are familiar with an affective experience of the Divine when immersed in the natural world, that feeling of majesty, wonder, and awe. What’s wonderful about Peck’s scientific and spiritual creative genius on display in this work is that instead of limiting our discovery of the divine in nature to the affective, he finds real, concrete, richly detailed theology there. Here we look for theology on hands and knees in a soupy bog, or eyes glued to a high-power microscope.


Michael Collings (Retired American author, poet, literary critic, and bibliographer, and a former professor of creative writing and literature at Pepperdine University.)

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